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Hilton Schilder Goema Club

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When our diverse genetics makes music, you can hear the sonic layers of the Khoe Mouthbow, Marabi, the drums of Malaysia, the poly rhythms of Africa, Cape Jazz, the strains of European city’s and the spice of Asia...harmonics coming together in uptempo happiness.
You cannot stop the foot tapping or your happy smile...
This is Hilton Schilder’s Goema Club.
Where everyone is welcome.

Hilton Schilder - Piano, Mouth Bow
Candice Thornton - Vocals
Carlo Fabe - Drums, Percussion
Byron Abrahams - Tenor Sax
Muneeb Hermans - Trumpet
Duncan Johnson - Alto and Baritone Sax
Sean Sanby - Double Bass
Clayton Pretorius - Electric Bass



Hilton Schilder Goema Club

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