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 HELP - Webtickets Live Stream and Webtickets On Demand

Please make sure that your internet connection is working as intended as live streams will buffer if it does not have a solid connection. Please refresh your page if you are still experiencing any issues. You are also able to select the quality of the stream by pressing the settings button "little gear icon" and then being able to select the best quality your internet can handle, if you are unsure, select auto.
Once you have successfully purchased a ticket, this streaming button will become available under your "mytickets" tab within Webtickets. Log into your Webtickets profile and go to “MyTickets” to view the ticket. On your ticket will be a Green Button which you can click on to view the show Mytickets You can then click the green button to watch the live stream when it is live or to watch to video on demand.
Yes, you can log into your Webtickets account with any device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone for example) and be able to click the stream button to watch the stream.
Once you have purchased a ticket for a live stream, the live streaming button will become available immediately, however the live stream will only start at the allocated time/date stipulated on the ticket. The screen however will show the date and time in which the stream will begin. Some VODs will be available directly after a ticket is bought.
Yes, this can be done easily via your smartphone or cast application. To do this, open the necessary application and select mirror to TV/PC or Chromecast.

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